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In recent months, media and social attention have focused mainly on the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on human health. However, it should not be forgotten that during the winter season it is also very common to catch a common cold. As you may know, this contagious condition is often accompanied by headache, nasal congestion, fever and widespread body weakness and pain. 

You probably already know the symptoms, but what about treatment? Did you know that there are home remedies that can help us get over a cold in the best possible way? In this article we want to offer you, by means of very synthetic and clear tips, a series of basic advices to fight the common cold. Because the cold is still with us, this winter.

 1. Stay at home and rest

Yes, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? Especially in these times, after having known the level of contagion of a virus like Covid-19. But sometimes the simplest advice is given less importance, and very often neglected. But sometimes the simplest advice is given less importance, and very often neglected.

It is therefore important to remember that, as soon as symptoms are detected, it is best to stay at home. Apart from the risk of infecting others, going to work or school when you have a cold can accelerate the weakening of your body. Rest will help us regain our strength more quickly.

 2. Drink water and avoid coffee and alcohol

Staying hydrated is essential for fighting the common cold, as drinking liquid promotes the elimination of mucus. It is important to remember that not just any liquid will do. For example, alcoholic drinks and coffee actually dehydrate. In short, it is therefore recommended to drink plenty of natural water and water with lemon, as well as broths, juices and infusions. 

 3. Gargle with salt water daily

Gargling with a glass of water with half a spoonful of salt is very good for soothing the throat, one of the heaviest symptoms of the common cold. Water, if warm, is better, as it can also help relieve congestion. We can gargle a couple of times a day. 

 4. The shower or bath, always hot

With the common cold, it is essential to clean the airways. In this sense, the steam from a very hot shower is an interesting remedy to remove mucus and reduce the level of nasal congestion. We can also opt for a hot bath, for approximately 15 or 20 minutes.

5. Boost the vitamin C in your diet

We are what we eat, even when we have a cold. Therefore, an adapted diet can become a great support to overcome the common cold. In this line, it is advisable to prioritise those foods that contain vitamin C, such as oranges or kiwis. Another way of taking vitamin C is through food supplements, which will contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.  There is also the option of complexes aimed at contributing to the normal function of the immune system which also contain vitamin C in concentrated doses along with other interesting ingredients such as zinc, iron, reishi mushrooms and propolis to combat the common cold. 


6. Cooked garlic, another food remedy

Garlic, apart from making our meals more tasty, also has properties that are very appropriate for dealing with colds. Sometimes, due to its antiseptic power, it is compared to an antibiotic, but of a natural type. For this reason, it is often suggested to cook it over a low heat, and add it to our diet, or to prepare an infusion with garlic, lemon and honey.

 7. Use drops or nasal spray

Another way to decongest the nose is to use some kind of saline solution. Seawater is very effective in cleaning the nasal passages. It will allow us to breathe better and expel the mucus that has concentrated in this area of the body. There are many products of this type on the market, from the typical drops to spray solutions. 

 8. Avoid self-medication and consult a specialist

One of the most common mistakes, when you catch a cold, is to self-medicate. We have to leave the medical issues to the specialists. If we make a mistake, we can make our situation worse. 

Most commonly, your doctor will incorporate, in your treatment, some kind of mild analgesic, to relieve the fever and local pain, as well as the general malaise. Follow the doctor’s prescription carefully and don’t overuse the pain relievers.   

He’ll probably also recommend the nasal drops or sprays we discussed earlier, as well as cough syrups, if that’s one of the symptoms of your cold.

Our lifestyle can help us get over a cold

If there’s one thing the tips we’ve given you make clear, it’s that our habits are key to recovering our energy and fighting the common cold. There are, as we have seen, many home remedies, which can help us deal with this virus.



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